Driving a car might seem like it just about being able to control your vehicle but there are many more aspects that are necessary to know. Before being able to even get behind the wheel to operate a car, a new driver must pass a written exam and receive their permit to drive. A permit requires for a driver to only operate the vehicle with a licensed driver in the car at all times.

After receiving a permit, the driver then has to pass a road test in order to get their license. Having a license to operate a moving vehicle is considered a privilege and not a right. A new driver should keep that mind before they attempt to do something that could cost them their permit or license.

Being a safe driver entails that the person possesses mental and physical awareness of the car, themselves and other people driving. It is extremely important for the driver to know the traffic laws of any place they will be operating a vehicle.

The mental component comes from a person’s ability to make good decisions when encountering traffic. It is a known fact that the more traffic that is on the road increases the risk of an accident occurring. A person who is mentally ignorant of how they or others are driving can cause serious problems on the road and maybe an accident.

Knowing how to drive defensively, braking, steering the car, and skid control are all major factors to understand in order to be a safe driver. Any safe driver will tell you that minimizing your distractions is one of the best ways to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings. Operating a car under the influence of drugs or alcohol, chatting on a cell phone, jamming out to music or trying to have a meal are all major distractions that can mentally check you out while driving and should be avoided.

Physical awareness stems from understanding how your car functions. Knowing if your car has a manual or automatic transmission is imperative since the two types require different driving habits. Starting the car, changing the transmission’s gears, using your feet to accelerate or decelerate the car and steering are all skills a driver must know. The list of requirements are much longer than this but your instructor will most definitely explain every aspect that is important to know.

A beginner’s best bet is to find an experienced instructor to teach them how to drive. All of the techniques mentioned earlier can be taught by an accredited teacher from an accredited driving school. It is very important to find a school accredited by the state you are in so you won’t end up wasting your time and money.

Before paying for anything you should ask the driving school how many hours of operating a car are included in your course package, the ratio of teachers to students (lower is better) and the amount of time that is dedicated to real life road situations. Another important aspect to consider is your comfort level. Handling a car is nerve wracking on its own so you need to feel comfortable with your instructor. You want an instructor that will teach you how to be a well rounded driver but also one that will not add to your stress level.

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