by Johnny Robertson

While the minimum age for a drivers license in the United States is 16 in most states, in many parts of the world, the minimum age is 18. This law has been enacted in order to help reduce deaths due to immature drivers. Even with this rule, there are many young drivers who enjoy the freedom of driving and will challenge the speed limit. Often they drive at speeds that are dangerous. High speed and stunt driving, while being a favorite hobby of many young drivers is very dangerous. While lectures may do little to deter young drivers from pursuing their hobby, driving articles written by professional race drivers may have a great effect. These professional drivers are heroes to many of the young drivers. Many injuries can be avoided if drivers learn to uses safety precaution. The following driving tips help you to be safe and avoid a deadly accident resulting form dangerous driving.

Do not forget to always buckle your seat belt. The seat belt works to keep you inside the roll cage of the automobile in case of serious accident. Drivers and passengers who remain in the vehicle during an accident have a greater chance of survival than people who are ejected from the vehicle.

Side-view mirrors should be adjusted before leaving for a journey. This precaution will help you to see the left and right sides of your lane. Rearview mirrors should be used as well. These mirrors will help to notice what is on behind your vehicle. Keep on checking that what is up behind you. You need to check your car mirrors often.

Use of headlights, both at night and in the day is also a very cautious move in making yourself more visible to the oncoming traffic. This will help in avoiding accidents as well. You will be visible and you will be safer. If you think that there is some problem with the headlights then you should go to a garage first to have them replaced.

Maintain a steady and consistent speed. Keep a check for the speed limit and try to stay close to that limit. This is the best option you can try to avoid high speed crashes. Maintain a constant and safe speed.

Do not forget to use your turn signals. Use them every time you turn and every time you change lanes. Proper turn signal use warns other drivers that you are about to make changes. Other drivers should not have to be a mind reader to drive safely when you are on the road.

Remember to use your horn whenever you need to do so. While the use of a horn should be done sparingly, the horn is a quick way to warn other drivers who may not see you. If you must stop on the shoulder or in a lane of traffic, use emergency flashers to warn others of your vehicle’s presence.

You should have a detailed knowledge of road signs. This will help you in not being stuck. It will avoid accidents as well. Usually the knowledge of sign boards is mandatory in your driving test written portion.

Watch traffic that is ahead of you. You should be able to anticipate at least 15 to 20 seconds in front of your vehicle. Advanced warning can often be the difference between a narrow escape and an accident with injury or fatality. Staying awake and alert will keep you safe.

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