Golf is a very interesting sport. It has its fair share of rabid fans and critics. Some are avowed supporters because of the supposed advantages it offers while others are assailing it for the disadvantages it entails. If you are still undecided on which side to go with, here is an interesting list of drawbacks that may cause you to make a crucial decision. Read on and be an informed individual.

First, golf is an expensive sport meant for the moneyed set. You have to admit that a well-funded bank account is necessary to pay for the golf club membership, buy the expensive clubs, and employ the trainer and the caddy. Bear in mind that if you are an ordinary person hoping to make a mark in this already crowded field, you must have the passion and courage to pursue your dreams. If you want advertisers to notice you, you must practice every single day in order to harness your hidden talents and reach your full potential. If you are not lucky enough to reach this optimum state, you will just be left behind.

Additionally, this game is not for the weak of heart since it is more than just a physical competition. It requires mental alertness as well as meticulous analysis. One must have high intellectual skills to assess whether the weather condition is appropriate for teeing or not.

Second, playing golf does not really contribute much to one’s physical activities. When compared to other sports, it is very low impact. Hitting the balls does not burn many calories. It is also interesting to note that most golfers do not walk as they transfer from one hole to another. They prefer taking it easy and riding their golf carts. They also lose the benefit of improving their upper body strength when they allow their caddies to carry their clubs and other equipments.

So if you want to remove a few kilos from your weight, develop your flexibility or tone your body, this sport should not make it to the shortlist. You must look towards other games that can provide you a more strenuous physical workout.

Third, if you are into golf, you will be crucified as a certified destroyer of Mother Nature. This is because the greenery that you are playing in is a product of well controlled landscaping by property developers. Obviously, there is not a fairway in this world that looks unruly. They are neatly manicured and showered with liters upon liters of water every single day. This means that water is being used purely for aesthetic purposes.

Wasting a huge expanse of land is such a sad thing to do. Imagine doubling that figure if you have an 18-hole golf course. It is simply not a practical thing to do in this day and age where many people are living in the streets or in crowded areas.

As you can see, playing golf is not the same as any other sport. You need to consider a lot of factors before taking the plunge so that you will not feel guilty later on.

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