Dennis Palatov’s DP4 Super Go-Kart just visited Oregon Raceway Park for its primary track day. Powered by a motorcycle engine and a exclusive chain drive system, the DP4 can be raced on kart tracks or full-sized courses. There are two versions of the DP4 are accessible for buying. A $25,910, two-wheel drive, build-it-yourself kit which includes a GSXR-1000 engine, or a pre-built, 800lb, all-wheel drive DP4 with a 1400cc 200HP turbo charged Hayabusa engine for $50,610.

DP4 Super Go-Kart 01

DP4 Super Go-Kart 02

DP4 Super Go-Kart 03

DP4 Super Go-Kart 04

via: ohgizmo