Three seats car has been designed primarily as an ecologically acceptable vehicle to be used for city driving. The whole project has been developed at DOK-ING while an industrial designer Igor Juric, exclusively responsible for the car image, signs the car design.
Two permanent 50 kW/65 HP new generation electro motors controlled by the DOK-ING manufactured electronics will be mounted onto the front wheels. 300 Nm torque guarantees exceptional acceleration while the maximum 130 km/h as optimal speed (maximum speed can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements) allows effortless driving over longer distances on the motorways.
Expected price will be around 10000€ if it is going to be produced. Because it is entirely ecologicaly friendly, part of the price is expected to be paid by the government.

DOK-ING XD Concept Vehicle 01


DOK-ING XD Concept Vehicle 02


DOK-ING XD Concept Vehicle 03


DOK-ING XD Concept Vehicle 04


DOK-ING XD Concept Vehicle 05