by Larry Hoperty

One of the top GPS companies is Mio and they make devices that are trendier than some of the ones from other manufacturers. GPS devices are very popular with the younger crowd and they gravitate toward units that look stylish and cool. With the advancement of GPS technology, more and more people use it and GPS units are now commonplace wherever you go.

Garmin is the leading maker of GPS devices and has the biggest share of the market. They have the most recognizable name and their units are quite reliable. It is hard to find them on sale though as this company is trying to protect its name from ever being considered a discount brand.

GPS devices have become mainstream now and as people think of more ways to use them, they become more popular. These units are still a bit expensive side but people who do use them don’t seem to mind. All the newer units now come with a directional system that includes a voice telling you where to go. This is great for use in a car for safety reasons and all the car rental companies have included them as an upgrade feature.

You can buy a new or used GPS unit online at many different websites and that is your best chance of finding any type of deal. Unfortunately, there are not too many meaningful discounts being offered as GPS units are still rather new to consumers and the manufacturers dont have much incentive to offer them. GPS devices are also sold in most electronics stores but a sale there would be real difficult to find.

The newest GPS devices have all sorts of extra features that make them more advanced than the older models. You will want to make sure you have a good idea of what type of unit you want ahead of time so that you dont end up paying for something more expensive that you will never use. The difference in price between the lower end models and the higher end ones can be many hundreds of dollars for something that most people will only use every once in a while.

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