The tank, which was built on an as yet unidentified car chassis is notable for its use of cameras and video screens, and especially the PlayStation-type controller used to aim its 7.62 mm roof turret-mounted machine gun. It’s hard to say how effective the machine really is at resisting bullets. If the armor is sloppily built, it risks being knocked out by “spall.” That’s what happens when a piece of armor is hit by a projectile of sufficient power, and the armor is strong enough to stop the round from penetrating, but is still hit with enough force to cause a concussive blast wave to detach shards of material from the armor’s interior side. The blast wave then propels that material through the interior of the vehicle at incredibly high speeds. That can be very lethal to passengers and crew, and means that bad armor can often be worse than no armor at all.

DIY Weaponry of The Syrian Rebels - 01