The ability to know where you are, where you want to go, and how to go there was previously best established through the use of a paper atlas. If you were travelling in your car then there is a great chance you utilized either an atlas or one of those large tri-folded maps which really weren’t much help while trying to drive. Thankfully finding your way in the world nowadays is easier thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the varied types of GPS devices that use it.

If you are wondering how these GPS devices accomplish what they do then read on. The Global Positioning System was created and implemented by the United States Department of Defense when it started its initial GPS satellite back in 1978. At present there are 24 satellites in the GPS system that are the cornerstone of the whole system.

There are a number of different kinds of GPS devices that are engineered to take advantage of this network of satellites. GPS mapping devices are utilized to collect points and any data connected to those points for mapping function. In fact these gadgets have been utilized for years to retrieve the data that creates the maps and mapping features used by different GPS navigating systems.

Which brings us to the most popular customer GPS device: the GPS navigating system. The most common of these is the in-car GPS unit that offers you map of where you are going and informs you through voice directions how to get there. These GPS devices are either installed in the cars dash or are transportable and can be moved between vehicles.

A number of navigational units provide a feature whereby you can find restaurants, shopping, hospitals, and accommodations not considering where you are; this can be incredibly helpful when hunting services in a town with which you are new. The smaller versions of these navigational units are handheld devices that can be used by backpackers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

These types of GPS devices will record where you are, leave a breadcrumb trail of where you’ve been, and will show you to where you want to go. A lot of of these devices additionally include built in cameras and voice recorders, letting you keep a record of your trips.

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