Whoever drove the first tow truck a hundred years ago was actually the first person to provide emergency road services. Although probably primitive in nature, the concept of car problems happening on the run has lasted into the 21st century. Emergency road services are here to stay.

Many auto manufacturers now offer free road side assistance with the purchase of your new car. This may sound a bit redundant to many car owners since if the car breaks down under warranty, the dealership usually needs to come and tow it back for repairs. However, breaking down completely is usually the least of your problems and the lowest occurrence of on the road complaints when calling for help.

Most emergency road services cover all types of problems from running out of gas to fixing a flat tire. There are many optional services available when you choose your plan and your service provider and of course the more options you choose, the pricier your plan. Some of the options are almost mandatory if you want to get your money’s worth out of the annual membership, however. Options such as free battery charges, and free fluid top offs when they service your car for other reasons are certainly worth the few extra dollars you would pay.

Another option that is worth the money and should be seriously considered is being able to have a two truck take your car to a destination of your choice (usually within 50 miles). Without this, should something happen to your car while you are traveling, you don’t need to be forced into having your car taken to a garage you aren’t familiar with.

Really focus on plans that provide coverage for not only the car, but for you as a driver or even as a passenger in another vehicle. This coverage runs about another $15 a year but it’s worth every penny. What this mean? It means it covers every car you drive, and it covers everyone who drives your car. Even if you car pool to work in the morning, if that car has a flat – you’re covered.

This type of coverage is a bit more costly but well worth the few extra dollars. You don’t want to find out at the worst possible time that you aren’t covered for whatever is happening.

Annual costs can start around $60, but don’t base your decision on the cheapest Towing North York you can find. You could be wasting your money. Get coverage based on your real needs. Where do you live? Does it go below freezing? Plan on a dead battery. Is it over 90F most of the year? Plan on over heating. These aren’t always covered with your basic plans. Do you take your SUV to the beach? The woods? Something is bound to happen! Or even worse, did your car come without a spare? Make sure you have a plan where you can actually buy a tire on the road if necessary, from your service provider. They’ll send it out with the service truck and have it put on.

Car and Truck Auctions pricing varies greatly. Don’t make your decision simply based on the cost though. Decide what you need and go from there. Do plan on spending about $120 a year for decent coverage. And don’t make the mistake of assuming a new car won’t have any problems. Even brand new tires can blow and transmissions can malfunction.

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