by Donald B

Car salesman laughing at you after viewing your credit report?, all the hype is frustrating you just want to get into a new car without all the hassle and hype, there is a way to cut through all the hype and confusion about how to go about getting a car loan, we will try to show you what to do to get a respectable deal online regardless of your bad credit.

We will try to give you a few good pointers on what to do to avoid deceptive dealer practices, dealer ads can be very deceptive, they are geared towards getting your hopes up high, but in most cases they slam you back down to earth with a good dose of reality, personally I would avoid dealers altogether.

Focus on companies that have been around for awhile and have good reputations, you should focus on real online financing first and foremost, online lenders, now their are a few scam websites online, so companies that have been around awhile and have established good reputations should be your focus, never consider companies that offer buy here pay here financing if you value your hard earned money, these are definitely not the way to go, they can and will separate you from your hard earned cash as far as the North is from the South.

It is not as difficult to obtain online financing , getting a bad credit auto loan through online financing is probably your best option, it doesn’t matter if you have been turned down in the past by less than honest car dealers, getting the car of your dreams through online financing you will find is a lot easier than you think.

If you make on the average $1700 -$1800 a month and don’t have any current bankruptcies that are still active, getting approved online even with no down payment in most cases is a real possibility, just so long as you meet a few basic guidelines that are established by the lender, and have a good steady job you should be well on your way to getting the car want.

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