Companies are trying to reinvent the wheel during the latter part of the twentieth and into the twenty-first century. These wheels are 20-inches and larger in diameter, requiring a lower profile tire to properly fit underneath the vehicle. Often, these cheap 20 inch rims are thought of as an urban automotive accessory, but they are prevalent in the rural areas of this country as well. There are many things to take into consideration when upsizing the tire and wheel combination of your vehicle.

When looking at aftermarket rims, you have to decide what material you wish them to be made of. The most common materials used are polished aluminum and chrome. The benefits of aluminum rims are cost, weight and ease of care. Aluminum wheels, as a rule, cost a fraction of chrome wheels. They can be sprayed with off-the-shelf wheel cleaners and rinsed. The chrome rims require diligent care including polishing with a chrome polish and constant detailing.

When putting 20 inch rims on your car or truck, a test fit is a necessity. When you can, have a tire shop remove your current tire and wheel assembly and put the bare wheel on the car to ensure that the wheel will clear the undercarriage when they are turned. The choice of tires can include tire prices from cheap to outrageously expensive. When choosing a tire, you have to make sure the overall height is very similar to the factory issued size to make sure your speedometer will read the appropriate speed.

Driving a vehicle with over-sized wheels and tires requires care beyond that which you would normally give. Any irregularity in the road should be avoided if at all possible as potholes, curbs and large rocks can damage your expensive wheels beyond repair. Any bend in a wheel can cause a slow tire leak around the wheel and a wheel that bent very quickly and very sharply can crack, causing a devastating tire leak and tire destruction.

Cleaning your new rims is a must. There are many different products that you can use for your new wheels. Make sure you use a product that is safe on chrome, alloy, or whatever type of wheel you may have purchased.

Another thing of concern with wheels of this size is theft. Larger wheels are like a bulls-eye for attention, so what can you do to make sure they stay on your vehicle? You can purchase wheel locks, which is a special lug nut that only the owner will have the key for. You can also get an after market security system for your vehicle. With all that combined, you should be in good hands.

Last thing you need to do to care for your rims is winterize. Keep your old alloy wheels, and put them on in the winter, especially if you live in a climate prone to snowy storms. This will keep your wheels clear of salt and no dents and dings from sliding on the ice!

After you decide to jump head first into ownership of 20 in rims, you will encounter many people who will comment about the great looking rims you purchased to accent the beautiful shape of your vehicle. The right chrome wheels can enhance the appearance of a car or trick that was one trick short of the car show trophy.