Whether its an antique chair or your boat, reupholstering the seats and repairing the leather can really bring some life into your lounge or your vehicles – and it doesn’t matter if its to restore a classic or to get it ready to sell, it’s a great idea!

One of the huge advantages for you is that it is a really cost effective measure of getting a visually appealing and ‘new’ vehicle, boat or piece of furniture. Instead of having to spend the money buying a new car, leather repairs and reupholstery can breathe new life into your old one!

But whats more is that you get a complete custom look that you can’t expect to find in a store. An upholstery service allows you to choose the look you want and get a custom fitting that suits you perfectly.

Perfect for those old vehicles. Do you have a classic car that you want to restore? Do you want to get new seats to get rid of that general wear and tear in your vehicle? Cars go under a huge amount of wear and tear and your car can look like new with a bit of needed attention!

Is your fishing boat, family boat or charter boat starting to look a bit outdated or is the upholstery starting to tear? Upholstery is an incredible way to make your boat look brand new and just the way you want – and you don’t need to spend the amount of a new boat!

Or do you have a piece of antique furniture that needs to see some life? Many pieces of furniture just need a small touch up to get ready for years of more life – and with quality upholstering you can ensure they receive that life, and you can bring back those family heirlooms!

If you want to make a huge difference to your vehicle, furniture or boats, choose reupholstery. Upholstery is a really cheap and cost effective way of putting your stamp onto your possessions with upholstery and leather that suits you and your tastes.

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