Robot Sculpture 1″ (68x34x22) by metal sculptor Bruce Gray is a commissioned sculpture and is constructed primarily out of parts supplied by the client from a 2005 BMW 645CI convertible that was in an accident. (nobody got hurt) Most of these parts are cast aluminum, and I decided that I wanted to attach all parts together using existing brackets and mounting holes. This has the effect of a sculpture that you may not be able to figure out what was originally connected, and what was added and altered to create this sculpture.


Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 01

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 02

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 03

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 04

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 05

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 06

Crashed-BMW-645CI-Car-Parts-as-Robotic-Sculpture 07

Source: Bruce Gray