In 1990 I received a free AOL disc in the mail and used it to go “online.” AOL was fun for a variety of years, but a friend told me back in 1995 that you do not need AOL to surf the Internet. In all honesty I didn’t know that at that time. A few days later, I said good-bye to AOL and “HELLO!” to the superhighway of information. People that previously had no interest in PC’s are now running to computer stores so they could surf the internet and retrieve their e-mail.

Back then the Internet was really different. Web pages and sites were a lot simpler, since everyone was practically using dial-up internet service. The “information” was easier to find because the internet wasn’t over ran with commerce sites. Since the early ’80s, forums and chat rooms were prevalent but were clunky and hard to use. It was much easier to use due to AOL’s interface.

The action of blogging appeared around 1994 and it didn’t take off until 1999 with the addition of “blogging tools.” The blogosphere really took off once the political pundits embraced the bogs in 2002. At the moment there is a blog for everything, which is good and bad news. Almost half of the links are for services, products, auction listings, and blog and forum comments when search is conducted by researchers like me. I was sort of bothered at first with the Corvette forum links since searches often were linked to things such as, “I like side-pipes too.” However I was satisfyingly surprised to find a rich, complete information source once I took a glance at Corvette forum’s home page.

There is a Corvette forum called The thrill and excitement of Corvettes is huge because it covers a 57 year lineage of cars in six unique generations. SmokinVette has Corvette forums for all of the six generations. Upon entering your Corvette’s generation forum, look around and check out all of the topics. All of the forums are distinctive, so take your time and glance around at the numerous links, controls and drop down boxes. It like entering and searching around a home improvement store. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but you will learn to find everything you are looking for.

I am sometimes in the mood to look at Corvette pictures, and SmokinVette has an enormous collection of them. What would a high-testosterone topic like Corvettes be without an assortment of Corvette Girls? The answer is it would be boring! However, you will not find anything too over the top, as they are classy pictures at SmokinVette, but you will find a lot of SmokinHot babes. And the last comment is only a compliment, ladies.

Owning a Corvette isn’t as economically challenging as owning a pleasure boat, but you WILL be spending some cash either refurbishing or personalizing your Corvette. The “Vette Parts” section of SmokinVette can help you locate anything from a supercharger or crate engine to a LED lights or used parts. You’ll find stuff you didn’t even know was being offered! Corvette people are VERY creative.

But don’t just be a voyeur. After you go through the free registration, you can add your two-cents to any of the forums, start a new forum topic, and ask a Corvette question, or post photos and images. Corvette people are VERY helpful. When you own a Vette, or are an enthusiast, you’re a member of a uniquely American club. The whole “Save the Wave” thing got started as a way for Corvette owners to acknowledge one another on the road. Corvettes aren’t just “cars.” They’re something more, something intangible that you don’t begin to “get” until you drive one. Driving a Corvette is a uniquely sensual experience. You don’t just “ride” in a Corvette, you DRIVE a Corvette because they are designed and made to be DRIVEN. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read or heard a new Corvette owner say, “I never really understood this car until I drove one.” That’s the “GOTCHA!” moment.

So clear out some time, get comfortable, and check out some Corvette forums, such as Its fun, entertaining, educational, and a way to meet like-minded people that “get” the Corvette obsession. Nuff said! – KST

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