In modern garages, garage floor coverings are have become fairly popular. Paint is the most comprehensive solution, but there are a lot of reasons why someone might want to, instead, use a garage floor covering. If you are stuck deciding how you want to do your floor, take a look at the different reasons why one would want to pick garage floor coverings instead of paint. Garage floor coverings, for our sake in this article, will include pretty much everything but paint.

Garage Floor Coverings Install Easier

Some mats are used for the entire garage, and some are only intended for use in certain areas. Those that are not typically used in the entire garage are generally called garage compartment mats since they cover only one particular compartment. Either way, they are easier to apply than either tile or paint. In the case of whole garage floor mats, it is generally just a matter of cutting the mat to fit the garage. Compartment mats generally cannot be cut, but they do come in all sizes, and can generally be either laid on top of one another, or snapped together to make liquid proof seal. If you wanted, I suppose you could use compartment mats throughout the garage, but that would not be cheap, especially if you compare to the price of a paint kit which is generally less than $100. Also, since mats are easy to move, automobile tires have a tendency to bunch and bend them, though many manufacturers swear that their mats don’t do this.

Garage Floor Coverings Means Simple Replacements

Replacements of coverings are also a lot simpler. With and epoxy garage floor coating, replacement could include sanding down to the concrete when you have stains or other damages. Replacing a garage floor mat is as easy as throwing it in the trash or even recycling it; however this can prove to be an expensive route. Manufacturers for both mats and paint kits claim they are stain proof and can not be easily damaged as a means to justify their costs. Depending on availability of colors, if your tiles are not to faded, or if you kept extras of the original lot, tiles are easily replaced.

Garage Floor Coverings Can Provide Comfort

Epoxy paint is advertised as better to walk on than plain concrete, however, long periods of standing would be more comfortable on a garage floor mat made of thick rubber. Putting the two side by side, the epoxy would feel as though you were still just standing on concrete. Certainly, depending on your budgets limitations, the best solution would be the mat atop the painted floor.

Garage Floor Coverings Might Be Cheaper

For many cases, garage floor mats are going to be a cheaper solution. If you are planning to cover your entire floor, right now, and are able to apply a paint kit yourself, then epoxy will be cheaper. In any other case, it will not. Paying someone to apply epoxy is expensive, but there aren’t many people that can’t throw down a garage floor mat without help.

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