Not driving your vehicle is a good way to avoid a speeding ticket. But since most of us have to work for a living, that would not be feasible. So for the rest of you who don’t like the thought of using public transportation, these next pointers should be very helpful. Unless of course you like taking the bus.

1. Watch your speed. It goes without saying, but if you want to avoid speeding tickets, then DON’T SPEED! It’s as simple as that. If you are going to speed – save it for the highways.

2. Don’t stand out. Avoid being given a speeding ticket by not being obvious to a police officer. Walk around your vehicle and make sure the exterior lights all work correctly. Make sure your side mirrors, tail lights, blinkers and head lights all work correctly.

3. Quality of your vehicle. Fix small issues like cracked windows and use some touch up paint if your car needs it. Keeping it clean and up to date will help you avoid the eyes of the law.

4. Stay alert. Don’t sleep and drive! Always maintain a good visible lookout of your surroundings. A police officer can be anywhere – not only in front of you. Beware of turns and curves in the road. These are magnets for speeding tickets. Approach bridges and underpasses with caution. Keep your seat in an upright position so you can see clearly and without difficulty.

5. Don’t be suspicious. If you drive a 1987 Olds Cutlass then don’t go driving in nicer neighborhoods as this will definitely spark a cops interest.

6. Don’t draw too much attention. Depending on the car you drive, you may stand out from the rest. High performance vehicles will always catch the attention of an officer before, say, a Ford Escort.

7. Watch for curves. Do not exceed the speed limit around curves. You never know who will be waiting to give you a speeding ticket.

8. Stay clear of the left lane. Most police officers will admit they will observe cars in the left lane more closely to give speeding tickets to them. It is called the fast lane for goodness sakes.

9. Know your city. Does your town or city have photo radar enforcement? These are becoming more popular as a way to automatically give out speeding tickets. You may think you only see a regular SUV on the side of the road, when in fact it could be a photo radar unit.

10. Watch for brake lights. You can easily identify a potential speeding ticket situation ahead of you by looking for cars’ brake lights as most drivers don’t hit their brakes on the highway unless there is a reason to.

11. Be aware of what the police drive. A lot of the time you never know that the car you were just driving next to was an unmarked police cruiser until your pulled over and issued a speeding ticket. The unmarked cars are almost always the same as the marked cars, only they will be painted as the civilian version.

12. Watch out for speed traps. Speed traps are everywhere. Knowing how to spot one and where they may be in your area can be a great way to avoid a speeding ticket. Check out for a comprehensive list of speed traps anywhere in the US.

Its impossible to avoid all speeding tickets during your driving life, but being aware of these tips can put the odds in your favor.

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