Getting bored with the hectic city life style, then, go out driving and explore the areas that you have never before visited on a holiday or on a weekend. Are you afraid that you will get lost? There is help on the way. A companion, who is present with you 24x7x365, is available to you. It is not a guide dog or a human friend.

Curious to know who this companion is? It is not a guide dog or a human. It is a cutting-edge device known as the Global Positioning System Receiver or a GPS receiver. Your exact position on a street can be known using this smart device.

GPS is one of the versatile technologies used for various purposes ranging from civilian to military. You can navigate your way on the roads using this system and also the military can launch a precise strike using this marvelous system. So, am I interesting you in buying a system? Then, check out one of the Cobra gps systems. They are fabulous. A misconception is put about by the competitors of Cobra systems, that the GPS units are not good. But, it is not true as the GPS handheld cannot work efficiently, if the GPS system is not good.

Let me tell you about one of the interesting applications of a GPS system that I have come across. It is really fascinating and is a great invention. Imagine if your call is stolen and the car sends an SMS to you with the GPS coordinates of the location, where the car is currently present. Would that not be great? You can inform the police and put the thieves behind bars. You are getting your doubts about how a car can send an SMS to you. Yes, it can with the help of an embedded SIM card and a GPS receiver (for location coordinates).

Once you have the GPS coordinates, you can go to Google maps and pin-point the exact location of the car by providing the co-ordinates. Marvelous, isn’t it? This is just one of the many applications of GPS for civilian use.

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