Many women feel uncomfortable when going to car auctions because of the way they are regarded by other participants and even by the sellers. A woman is often regarded with content or disrespect when she tries to evaluate a thing, car or anything else, that is supposed to be part of “the man’s world”. There still are women that go to buy the cars they want from car auctions, but they are usually accompanied by a man, who is doing what they want, but in the eyes of the crowd he is the one pulling the strings.

To avoid feeling so discriminated by car salesmen, that usually talk to women as if they could sell them anything they want, women are either not buying cars in auctions at all, or resuming to online car auctions. The Internet can not make the difference between genders. Since no one can see you, there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable and you can freely bid or not bid, evaluate and decide, without being distracted by others.

Women are much more accurate buyers than men, and they know before starting exactly what they want. If they came to buy a Chrysler crossfire then that’s what they’ll be taking home. This can constitute a reason for confusion, when other men watch them and see them bidding on only one car, until they get it. They know if they are overbidding or not, and even if they do, they simply want that car. Some medieval sales men forget that women have enough money and don’t give them much attention. Other men that are bidders get annoyed when they are bidding against a woman. This is mainly why online auctions are a far more relaxed choice.

Women do not hunt only discounts and low prices in a car. They want quality and will not settle for anything less that the exact match of what they have in mind. If you want a search done properly, ask a woman.

Women do find the things they look for eventually, and can even obtain good prices online. In the rare case in witch a woman is a seller at a car auction, the odds are not so much against her, because other sellers are often “afraid” of her natural chars, and buyer will regard her with respect and will always want “car details”, witch is in her favor, because he advertises the car this way.

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