Automobile manufacturers nowadays are beginning to take notice on the HID Headlights, Clear Corner Lenses and Chrome Bulbs that has been the recent craze. HID Headlights produce much more light than the standard bulb and can increase the night time ratio significantly. Instead of people buying new vehicles, some have taken action and began installing HID Conversion Kits to their own cars.

There has been a lot of talk about whether HID Headlights are legal or against the law. If your vehicle came with HID Headlights, you are in the clear. The Police are having problems with the aftermarket HID Conversion Kits, but they won’t pull you over as long as you follow a couple simple rules. One of them is to make sure that your HID Conversion Kit is at 6000k-8000k and also be sure that your lights are pointed in the right directions. If your lights are pointing up and blinding other drivers, you will get pulled over.

Some of the other modifications that have been receiving a ton of attention lately are Clear Corner Lenses and Chrome Bulbs being added to your vehicles. Auto Manufacturers have been hopping on this trend recently, but one problem is after the auto manufacturer installs these lenses to the car, some have still been adding those horrible looking yellow turn signal bulbs to the vehicles. Personally, I can’t comprehend why somebody would go out of the way to install clear lenses to the turn signal and add ugly bulbs.

Stealth Auto has released a Chrome Bulb that virtually looks invisible when installed with clear lenses. The best thing about these bulbs is they’re completely street legal. They blend in perfectly with the rest of the vehicle and once they’re turned on, they light up in an amber/yellow color.

If you’re considering doing some modifications to your vehicle, consider the following suggestions. The modifications that are mentioned here are simple to do and inexpensive. Click on our links below to find out more.

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