My dream has always been to have a scooter. Whenever I went to the park I was attracted to the corner where the kids were showing off their latest tricks. I really envied them, and there was no day without asking my parents to buy me one. They tried to explain to me that I need to learn the value of money.

I finally learnt it, and I started doing chores not only for my parents, but for everybody in the neighborhood that asked for any help. It wasn’t as easy as I expected, and the money I got wasn’t much, but I kept doing it. The model I wanted was too expensive for the money I had, so I bought another one.

Even if it wasn’t the one I longed for, I was very proud of it, so I called all my friends to come and see it. They weren’t quite interested at first, but after a few days they came to try it on. They started with a short ride in the backyard, and in no time at all they fell for it, and wanted to have their own scooter, so that they wouldn’t have to share, and fight for mine.

I gave them as much information as I could about the best models, and soon everybody in my group had one. As I was the first with a scooter, they came to me anytime they needed their toy repaired, so I got some money out of it. Soon I had enough money for my dream scooter: the fuzion asphalt ultimate carving machine. This was perfect for doing tricks. I have become one of the kids showing off in the park, and my scooter has become the dream of all the children in the neighborhood. I loved the feeling of knowing everyone was watching me whenever I was riding it.

Now I spend all my time at the park, doing tricks with my new scooter, and showing off to my friends. It isn’t as difficult as I had originally thought, and I’m very happy to use something I bought with my own money. My parents are pleased with me as well, and say I’ve earned it.

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