by Chimezirim Gabriel Odimba

Without even being an insurance guru, you can save a lot of money in Georgia car insurance by applying your commonsense. But it must be pointed out early enough that commonsense alone canNot get you the type of savings we are talking about here — Several hundred dollars. Here is a way you can get more savings…

There are different coverage types as far as your Georgia car insurance is concerned. Examples of such policies are third party only, collision and comprehensive. At extra cost, you can get certain additionals to suit your specific needs. Neglecting any important feature in order to save money is not particularly smart since you will spend more down the line.

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If you want to save a bundle, choose the third party only cover. This option is seen only in areas that accept it as the minimum. Just note that you will not get any money for your car. It only takes care of the third party hence the name. You’ll have to repair your own vehicle with your money. This is the most cost-effective option for those who have old vehicles.

Just to ensure we are all on the same plate, let’s explain briefly the other popular coverage types: Comprehensive and collision. A comprehensive policy will cover of the following: Your car, the other party’s car, persons involved in the accident and losses due to robbery, fire and vandalism. A collision policy covers your vehicle if you crash into another object. Let’s continue now that we’ve covered the basics…

If, for instance, you get collision cover for an old vehicle, your insurance company will only pay you based on what your car is worth at the point of the accident. There is simply no way the sum of your premiums and your deductible over a reasonable period will not outweigh what you will be given as reimbursement. That is, unless you own a classic.

I personally don’t think it is worth it if what you are given from an Georgia insurance company for a policy doesn’t justify the total money you spend.

And did I say that different insurance companies will charge you differently for a similar policy? So how do you know the best and lowest if not by getting quotes from a number of insurance companies?

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