by Michael S.

The first step in getting cheap auto glass is deciding whether you need a repair or replacement, of which a replacement is going to cost more. The bigger the crack that you have on your windshield, the more likely it is that you’re going to need a replacement.

You’re more likely to need a full replacement if you have cracks right at the center of your windshield, at the edge of the windshield, an/or cracks, which make for an uneven surface on the glass. You can expect a repair to set you back around $40 and a replacement to set you back about $200.

If we see a crack in our windshield we automatically assume the worst and think that the windshield is going to crack in no time. This is not really the case because the windshield consists of a 2 layers (2 plastic layers sandwich in a glass layer). As such, you can expect your windshield to last a long time without further damage, especially if the crack is tiny.

If you want to play it safe, however, you can call an auto glass service to inspect and perhaps repair the damage. Seeing that a repair, and even a replacement, is not that expensive, its probably worth calling your local auto glass repair service.

If you realize that you need a full replacement of your windshield, you shouldn’t worry too much about the cost as you can easily find a very cheap windshield from a junkyard. Because color is certainly not an issue when you’re dealing with glass, there’s a very good possibility that you’re going to find an inexpensive windshield.

However, once you find one, don’t try installing it yourself as you may cut yourself. You can pay an auto glass service around $50 to install the used windshield for you.

Wouldn’t your auto insurance policy pay for the cost to repair or replace a damaged windshield?

If the windshield was damaged as part of an accident in which the other person is found to be at fault, then their liability insurance would pay for the repairs. If, however, the cracks or damage came out of nowhere (a result of where and tear), you’re going to have to have comprehensive coverage if you expect your insurance to pay anything.

Despite this, its always a good idea to talk to your car insurance company as insurers vary in their stance on auto glass repairs.

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