The American people are crazy about cars and nothing reflects this love as much as television and film. High speed chases, stunts and shootouts, these cars have been through them all and emerged as rerun favorites. Here are some of the best.

The General Lee – Southern stereotypes aside, this 1968/1969 Dodge Charger drove it’s way into America’s general conscious in 1979 and has stayed there ever since. It was painted bright orange with a Confederate naval jack on the roof. For whatever reason the doors were wielded shut, forcing the Dukes to jump in through the windows so they could look cool and and of course, the horn played Dixie. They used 256 of them in the shows run. In fact, on average they used up more than one General Lee per show!

The Batmobile – “Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed,” these famous words delighted viewers everywhere and TV execs from 1966 to 1968 as Batman and the Boy Wonder, faced off against the forces of evil, driven around by their iconic car, the Batmobile. The Batmobile was actually built by Lincoln in 1955 as a concept car called the Futura. Afterwards, it was sold to George Barris, a famous auto customizer, who in 1966, was hired to create the Batmobile for the TV show, and converted his Futura into the car we know and love today. It is estimated that the Batmobile has had more model and toys made of it than any other car in the world and is still being made by Corgi today.

The Monkemobile – “Here we come driving down the street, we get the funniest looks from, everyone we meet” yeah, I would probably get funny looks driving around in this thing as well, but hey, hey, their the Monkees, and they had a car. The Monkeemobile was a 1966 Pontiac GTO. It was painted red with the famous Monkees logo on each side. Two were built, each with their slight variations, but it did have horse power, in fact a little too much, as it was difficult to drive. Weird story, one of the cars followed the Monkees to Australia to go on tour with them in 1968. Somehow it got left in Australia and eventually turned up at a hotel in Puerto Rico. To this day nobody knows how it got to Puerto Rico.

KITT – No list of cool TV cars would be complete without the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) from Knight Rider, the show that gave us the over rated, hairy chested David Hasselhoff, and one absurdly awesome car. Every kid loved KITT and KITT in return KITT loved them. It was a modified Pontiac Trans Am that the protagonist, Michael Knight, would ride in on to save the day. Seriously, this car had stuff that would make the CIA or NASA drool. At the have dozens of models for you to choose from.

KITT could jump over the Grand Canyon with super fly turbo boost that also allowed him to outrun anything else on wheels. He also packed a computer AI with the capacity to think and learn on his own. This computer chip allowed KITT to do everything from driving himself to playing video games when he isn’t saving the world. For a super advanced car he had a surprisingly insecure and probably needed counseling. In essence, he was an insecure Iphone on wheels.

But wait, there is more. KITT was made from molecular bonded shell. While nobody know exactly how this works, we do know it made him completely invulnerable to conventional arms fire and explosions as well as offering protection from damages in car wrecks and during turbo jumps. It seems like the General Lee could have used some of this stuff as well.

Don’t forget his anamorphic equalizer. Everyone knows the famous red scan bar in his front that lets him “see” in the visual, x-ray and infrared spectrum and interact with the world around him. And just to top things off for fun, he had grappling hooks with wenches, tear gas, flame throwers, smoke screens and even tires that could deflate were among the numerous others gadgets this F16 on wheels bore.

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