by Ulrich Fieldman

Re-spraying your car implies that you are ready and committed to devote some time and cash to accomplished this project. Theres no reason why you cant do this yourself, but you’re going to need some guidelines.

First off set your mind to accept that you are not going to get a similar professional looking job by using spray paints from a can. Thats not to say you cannot use them and get proper results. Just do not raise your expectations to high. Respraying your car would take some getting used to.

1st Step: Sand the rough spots and fill the holes. There is no point in doing this after you have cleaned the car you’ll just be defeating the purpose of washing the car in the first place.

Second step: You must begin with a clean car. If you dont then your final paint finish will be a mess. Every last bit of debris that you left on the car would be obvious after the respraying.

Hint: If your car is wet and you shine a light on it you will clearly see whatever imperfections that you did not catch in the first or second step

Third Step Now you have to mask off all of the areas where you don’t want paint. If you aren’t truly diligent in this step you can end up being genuinely sorry that you didnt. It will be a pity to have a glorious paint finish, but half the paint is on the windows or chrome.

Fourth Step Practice a little bit with your spray. Theres abit of a technique to it. Bear in mind we said that re-spraying your car does take quite a long time. Practice on a piece of cardboard. That way you’re not as likely to get squirts or blobs of paint. Keep the spray running continuously, and in really light coats. A couple of light coats of paint are far superior to two thick ones, that would look truly uneven.

5th Step Allow the coats of paint to dry at the least 1 hour in between. Then apply the finishing coat. Once again this should be applied simply like the paint. A flowing motion with merely a very light coating.

By taking your time to do the job proper and following these respraying directions you should end up with a very good complete project. If you try and take shortcuts then this’s where your troubles will start.

Be sure you utilize good quality equipment and products. Slowly take your time, because when you begin to rush a stage then that’s where faults take place. Remember to use the right safety measures such as the correct protective gear.

Ideally it helps to be able to respray your car on a warm sunny day, as it helps to set or bake the paint on, leaving a better finish.

So keep in mind before you start out, do your research on the how tos and have each your equipment and supplies at hand, and youre ready to go for it.

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