Weddings, as lovely and as romantic as they are, are likewise really costly. Let us not debate that fact. Everything reeks of a dollar sign from the time leading to the big day when the boyfriend proposes to the girl with an engagement ring to the honeymoon vacation. But as any penny pincher will tell you, you can always cut cost.

Saving shouldn’t be an awful affair. You can still have the dream wedding you want, just look for the less expensive version. Reducing cost may mean having roses or carnation instead of the easily-wilt tulips. Or, you can look for bargain stores that can give you a discount if you truly like that sort. Mementos may be handmade, garments may be sewed or leased, catering may be home-cooked, and arrangers and music may be friend volunteers. Almost everything can be purchased cheaper.

There are items that, no matter how much you try, stay expensive. Wedding cars cost from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand just to hire for a few hours. Even the relatively cheaper car rental services still cost hundreds of dollars.

So instead of paying that much just for a few hours of lease, why not just utilize your old but functioning car? Turn something old into vintage. The difference is old is outdated, but vintage is retro. People are going for retro nowadays so even if your car is already decades old, you can save money by turning it into your wedding car instead of renting.

You can do this by grooming your ride. The great thing about grooming your own vehicle to serve on your wedding day is that not only will it save you hundreds of dollars, you also get to rejuvenate your car’s grandeur too. This lasts for more than a few meager hours likewise. Consider this: you have to preserve your ride anyway, so why not completely go for the total grooming service on your wedding day?

Nowadays, everything vintage is valued. You don’t need to worry even if your car doesn’t scream high-end. Even your old Volks will do if it is still running. You can’t even blame its paint color if it’s not in the traditional white. While only white would do in the yesteryears, any other hue available will as well do so no need for a fresh paintjob.

You would need the requisite ornaments, of course. Add the blossoms on the hood and the the “Just Married” sign at the back of the ride and you’re all ready.

Do you need a thorough and complete car wash? Give your ride a sleek car polish it deserves and needs. Check here for free reprint licence: Car Grooming: Efficient Tip For A Budget-Conscious Wedding.