Synthetic oil is an alternative engine formula that increases the fuel economy of cars. Reduction of engine temperature is a good thing that this synthetic oil brings. The regular engine oils cannot compare to this. You still have to regularly change your engine oil even if you are already using synthetic oil. This page will give you an idea on when to change your engine oil.

Know how often you use your car. Synthetic oil change generally depends on your engine usage. How you treat your car is also a factor. This provides stress to the engine, and because of that, changing the oil will become more frequent. As a rule though it is changed every 5000 to 7000 miles. In terms of time, it is usually a good idea to have your oil changed every 6 months.

And then you can always rely on the device which determines when you need to change your oil. People call this the oil sensor because it senses when the engine oil needs changing. It also takes into consideration the usage of the car as well as the length of time it has been driven. It is a computerized sensor that reminds car owners when to change oil. Your sensor will flash a light in your dashboard as a warning.

Make sure that you remember the quality of the oil that you last use for your car. You should know that there are ratings for the quality of synthetic oils. If you use a cheaper and lower quality oil, make sure that you change your oil more frequently. This is to make sure that your engine is protected properly.

So there you have some good indicators so that you’ll know when to change your oil. Synthetic oil usage is excellent for your car but you also need to remember that you have to regularly have your car checked.

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