There are so many people that do searches on online auction sites and then place random bids on whatever car they see first without even checking when the auction ends, that I’m not surprised so many end up buying cars they don’t need. Online car auctions are like any other auctions, and when you place a bid in them you are indeed legally bonded to go ahead with the purchase. The custom buyer agreement you are agreeing to before joining an auction site is a legal contract as good as any other in the eyes of the law. In this agreement you can clearly read all conditions you should meet in order to keep your membership and also, the legal implications of any and all bids posted. This means that it’s a good idea to actually read these agreements before signing them, even if you are doing this only virtually.

Carefully inform your self of the following before placing bids online : – The fact that details are given virtually, as in pictures or movies with the car. Of course, it’s not just the pictures, you also get a description, an address or phone number or a name. If you want to buy a certain type of car, let’s say a LeBaron Chrysler car, then make sure you have on the right information, and then read the seller’s description. If you live near the auction issuer, it’s no problem because you can personally visit the car. It’s the foreign cars that rise eyebrows. Especially because these are the cars that can constitute real deals. This means that in these case, a phone call with carefully chosen questions should placed, and a long and detailed discussions with the owner held.

– The fact that people place bids without asking details first. Well, don’t look shocked, you know you wanted to do this a zillion times. People always think that another interested buyer will place a higher bid. That is a misconception, because every bid can be the winning one, and bidding equals buying in online car auctions.

– Some cars are not carefully described. If a car is lacking details and is also very cheap or when you are the first bidder, it should be regarded as a potential risk. Fortunately, you can track car numbers online or over the phone, and find out all about its history, if it has been involved in any accidents and so on.

– Fake bids that are automated and only intend to raise prices. You are not crazy if you think it’s a bit odd when someone places a bit just when you think you’ve on, making you place a bigger one. It’s best not to continue bidding in these case because the odd bids are placed by the buyers themselves or their friends, simply trying to make you place a bigger bid.

– Shipping of the car. It’s quite a problem if you are American and want to buy a car from Japan, because the distance is enormous and shipping can get very costly.

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