Radio is an important device, which is used to listen music. The modern technology has designed it as the simplest and the most affordable device to listen to tracks of music. It is very advantageous because it is portable. You can carry it anywhere you go, and do listen to music when you are on a travel. The basic principle of working behind the radio is just transmission of music through waves called the electromagnetic waves. It includes conduction of the notes through the waves and acceptance of the waves carrying the notes by the radio. The article how do auto radio antennas work will give you ideas about this procedure.

In this paragraph we will understand what is an antenna.Human ear cannot perceive radio waves directly. This is because they fall in the electromagnetic range which cannot be picked up by a normal human ear. Then we may have a doubt how the information gets transmitted especially through radio and television. We may also have doubts regarding wireless communications like cell phone and transmission of data through Internet. But it is possible to catch these waves by a device. It is this device we name as an antenna.

We must realize that the atmosphere around us carries many waves. It carries the waves which are being transmitted. These are detected by a component in the radio. It is called antenna. It is made up of steel of stainless steel type. It is a tubular structure generally thin. They can be extended or reduced in length.

There is a major classification in this. Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. The broadcast of AM signals happen at shorter frequencies and broadcast of FM signals happen at a higher frequency range. Only antennas that are long can pick up lower frequency signal and only antennas that are short are capable of broadcast of FM signals that happen at a higher frequency.

We all happily enjoy music in radio. We have never thought how such a broadcast happens. Nowadays many stations have come up. As we keep tuning we will observe clearly how these antennas picks up radio waves of a particular station. Each station works at a particular assigned frequency. A license has to obtained from FCC which regulates the communication of radio stations. Only waves that are strong can be caught by the antenna of the radio.

Some radio systems are used to play in car. The antennas used in these devices are distinct from those used in normal radios. The wire connecting the antenna and the radio has to be protected from the outside waves.

Nowadays technology has become so advanced technology like presence of gears in the tubes of the antenna. These tubes are operated by means of a motor. This is to receive the signal by the antennas when the radio is being switched on. There are other differences also between stationary radio antenna and that of a radio antenna of a car that is moving because the steel used in construction of antenna in car is more stronger and rigid. Some vehicles are also trying to use the same technology used in mobile phone for transmission of radio wave signals. However this is still in experimentation stage only.

Thus we have learn t How Do Auto Radio Antennas Work

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