Byton K-byte Sedan will have autonomy range from 400km to 520km, and it will have supercharge option, in only 10 minutes a battery is ready for 120 kilometers.

Chinese company Byton held the world premiere of its first electric vehicle (crossover described as SIV and Smart Intuitive Vehicle), Byton K-byte Sedan at the CES consumer electronics fair in January on January 1st, which was followed by a European promotion in April 2018 at the Milan Design Week.

Now we have a new car in front of us, and the concept of a fully electric and autonomous sedan called K-Byte.

Byton K-byte Sedan does not have much details about the car. It is said that K-Byte will use the same platform as the crossover at the beginning of the text. Also these two models will share about 65-70% of the parts (including a large screen on the front panel).

K-Byte should be a car with autonomous level 4 technology, by which Byton cooperates with Aurora.

It should be noted here that the Byton crossover will be available with 272 hp or 476 hp, as well as autonomy depending on the version (71 or 95 kWh) ranging from 400km to 520km. It is also announced that the superfast charger will be charged in only 10 minutes a battery for about 120 kilometers.

The sale of the serial Byton crossover should begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. Firstly sales will start in China, and by 2020 in the US and Europe. Production will take place in Nanjing, China, and the price should be about 45,000 US dollars.

As far as K-Byte sedan is concerned, its production can be expected in 2021.

In the end, Byton says that in the first year they will produce about 100,000 cars, and later 300,000 (when all the models are offered on the market).

Byton K-byte Sedan Byton K-byte Sedan Byton K-byte Sedan Byton K-byte Sedan