With the prevailing economic global conditions, families everywhere are evaluating their expenses and costs. If you belong to such a household and are considering the purchase of a car, your options are numerous. You could invest in a modestly priced new car, but if you really want to save money you should invest in a high quality second hand vehicle. Whether you prefer a Toyota or a Honda, there are numerous operationally sound cars out there in the market.

One of the main benefits of buying a used car is getting a reliable vehicle within your budget. A well-planned budget means less stress and there literally dozens of cars that will suit your tastes and needs within that price range. Make sure you get the car examined thoroughly or if you’re a car lover, do it yourself. Always take the car for a spin on a variety of roads to check how it performs under different scenarios.

One of the other main benefits of buying a used car is the relatively lower drop in resale value in percentage terms. Unlike new car resale prices, which drop a substantial amount with the first few years of operation, used cars command relatively higher prices compared to the original purchase value. This is a great way to ensure that you loose less money when you sell your second hand car at some point in the future.

A regularly incurred expense related to cars is the insurance premium you pay. This can prove to be a burden if the car you bought has a high value and is relatively new. Older cars have lower premiums and very often you can further reduce payments if you have two cars insured by the same agent or company. This should be fairly easy if you have a good relationship with your agent.

Newspapers and popular online classifieds cater to the sale of used cars and have fresh deals day after day. The variety of used cars and the ease with which they can be found have increased and with websites offering advanced search options, you can find a particular car for your price range within minutes.

The simplicity of identifying and purchasing a used car along with a wider selection has made the benefits of buying a used car hard to ignore. Our unstable economic environment has taught us time and time again that saving for the future is critical to survive comfortably in times of hardship. The good news is that a greater variety of used cars available has minimized the number of features we have to sacrifice to own a inexpensive, reliable vehicle. You get to own your dream car and loose less hair. Who wouldn’t want that?

Charles has traded used cars and is well aware of their countless advantages