Looking to purchase tires for a trip or vacation can be bewildering. It’s difficult to understand how to get started, and specifically if you’re a first time tire buyer you probably don’t understand where to begin. We’re sure this asset will help you purchase your subsequent pair of tires. This is the information we would give to our kids if they asked how to buy tires.

Step 1: What kind of tires do you currently have? Check the dimensions, name, model #’s etc… Look at the sidewall of the tire for almost all this information. You might not understand it all at first, but that’s no problem. Be sure you jot it down on a piece of paper for reference though. Also make sure you actually need new tires.

Step 2: Put in a call to your favorite tire shop or one near by and say: Hello, I’m the owner of a 2003 Toyota Camry and I’m wondering what kind of tires you have in stock for that make and model? (replace your make and model obviously) Ensure you’re ready to take down the information they give you, and write down exactly what they tell you. Don’t hangup until you have the exact price inclusive of installation, and all the detailed info on the tires. They might not volunteer the information but,check out the mileage the manufacture expects for the specific tire. NOTE: Not all shops can tell you right off the bat what kind of tires to get for your car. Good thing you have all the details of your current tires. Now they should have no trouble giving you the info you need.

Step 3: Compare what you found at the first shop with a few other tire shops in the area.

Step 4: Now that you’ve got some solid information, whittle your notes down to a few possible tires. Look up the details of your tire possibilities in a search engine and find out what the customer reviews say. Read customer comments, trade blogs, any information you can find on the specific tire.

Step 5: You’re all set, you’ve done your homework and are ready to make a tire purchase.

Hopefully you learned something by reading this guide. Leave us a comment if you have something to add! Best Wishes!

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