When buying a used car you want to get the most out of what you are paying. If you buy a used car that you are not satisfied with it can be a disaster. It is important to carry out a visual inspection of any car you are looking at. You will be very happy when you realise the car you purchased was worth every penny.

If you only have general car knowledge covering basics such as oil level checking, tyre pressure and windscreen wiper fluid then you should know that there are lots more important things you should know with regards to how the car operates. The engine, fuel injection system and gearbox transmission are subjects in their own right. When test driving any car its advised to:

– Check how comfortable the car is for you by adjusting the seats and taking note of where all the controls are. Ensure there are no damaged controls.

– Position the driver seat so that you can reach everything on the dashboard. Safety is paramount and you want to ensure you are happy with the overall positions available.

– Knowing where every control is situated is really important because it will put you at ease, especially if you have not driven this type of car before. You should not have to fumble looking for the dashboard controls. The important thing here is accessibility and functionality.

– You should take note of how the car performs when on the test drive. Important considerations include going over bumps, how it handles corners, acceleration and braking. You also need to try different road surfaces and the motorway and residential areas will do just fine. Speak with the car owner first to let them know what you would like to test.

– Turn the car on and see if it starts first time. Does it have any unusual noises when ticking over? Braking and acceleration should be high on the list of things to watch out for. Is the overall driving experience smooth?

– After taking the test drive, you should check out the body of the car and ask questions about how the car is constructed.

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