Sometimes we go through phases where we think putting stickers on our vehicles is cool, and a great way to express some personality. However, once they start to fade, crack, or peel, we get tired of them. Peeling them off is not as easy as placing them was, and can leave unsightly remnants that devalue the vehicle. Here are some easy ways to remove truck stickers without requiring a new bumper.

If you are very lucky, you can just peel the sticker off after spraying something that lubricates the area. There are several different products that work fairly well for this job, like butter, cooking spray, and/or WD-40. Be careful, and if it does not seem to want to peel, do not try to force the issue, just go to the next option. Trying to make it peel will only result in the sticker falling apart and being even more unsightly than before.

Treat a bumper sticker like you would a wall covered with wallpapering. A very hot and soapy washcloth or towel can be held on the sticker for about thirty seconds to help the glue loosen up, then gently start peeling the sticker away from the area. You may have to use tongs or another utensil to hold the cloth on the sticker if it is really hot. If this does not work, do not give up, there are other options.

Try using a plastic scraper (or spatula) to pry an end up, and then use a blow dryer to soften the glue that attaches the sticker. Carry on with the heat during the peeling process, and it should work with no trouble. This is often the best option for newer stickers.

One note: never try to use a metal scraper, razor blade, or knife to peel a truck sticker off. They normally leave horrible scratches and scrapes, and can take away from the truck’s value even worse than the sticker. Use something that will not scratch, like a plastic spatula, putty knife wrapped in tape (duct tape works best), or other hard but not metallic surface.

If the sticker has already faded beyond recognition and is peeling away bit by bit on its own, use a soft cloth (preferably one that is lint-free) dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the rest. The best idea is to use a cloth that you would clean your sunglasses with, but make sure to dip it in the rubbing alcohol to dissolve any glue still holding it on.

After the sticker is gone, you will want to shine up the bumper where it was at, and remove any light scratches left from the removal process. For this, you just need a nice polishing compound and some normal car wax. Buff the area, and wax as normal. If the sticker was on a window, use some window cleaner, or take the vehicle through a car washing station.

You can add a bit of additional value to a truck by doing away with old distasteful stickers and off the wall decals. If you purchased a used truck, it might not even be your individuality articulated. Removing the stickers can be a fantastic means of making a pre-owned truck feel more brand new to you, too.

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