Many of us are aware that it is more risky to buy a used car as compared to a new car. But if you are able to research properly as well as carry out the checks mentioned below you will get a car with no problems and also at a very affordable price.

VIN Check: It is vital to do the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN check and it can be done for free on the website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Verify the vehicle identification number of the car that you want to purchase via this check and you will find out if the vehicle is a stolen or a salvaged car. In both cases, the vehicle is not worth purchasing and should be dropped from your list of probable buys. Go ahead only if the VIN check turns out clean.

Owner Check: To make doubly sure that the vehicle you are considering is clean, run the VIN number through the Department of Motor Vehicles website. You will get the name of the current owner and the number or amount of liens pending on the car. In case something does not match up, call the seller to clarify. You might want to consider dropping a vehicle with a pending lien or negotiate for it, but if the owners name does not match, then the vehicle is best forgotten.

Check the Price: You may not know the correct price to be paid for the vehicle if you are purchasing a used car online or directly from a car sale by owner for your own personal use. Get a free professional evaluation at the Kelley Blue Book site or the Edmunds used car sale website to get an approximate idea of how much the car you are considering for purchase should cost. The websites offer an approximate national average amount based on a research done on the parameters of make, mileage, model, year and other features in the car. Unless you live in a state which is termed expensive, you must not pay more than the Blue Book or Edmunds price for your used car.

Car Fax and Physical Inspection: It is never recommended that you buy a used car without physical inspection and a test drive until and unless it comes with a money back guarantee. A Car fax Report will let you know a vehicles correct mileage, and whether it has been in any accidents or has insurance issues. In order to save money, you can use Car fax’s free trial option for checking out used cars for sale.

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