by Colin Samuels

A steering wheel cover might sound like an unusual purchase, but these handy devices do serve a number of purposes. Not only can they add a designer touch to a vehicle, but they can also improve steering wheel grip and protect the wheel from damage that can occur during use.

Shopping for a steering wheel cover will present more options that most people realize. With this in mind, it is not a bad idea to have a game plan in place before trying to run out and buy a cover. The truth is steering wheel covers run the gamut in pricing and styles both.

So, how can anyone find the right cover for their vehicle? Follow these steps and the perfect cover at the right price should present itself:

Make sure that you have a goal set in your mind as far as the price goes. The prices can be extremely high (after all, it is just a steering wheel cover) and range from $5 to over $35. To ensure that you do not buy an overly expensive steering wheel cover, set a price range for yourself before you even leave the house. The prices will vary depending on the types of materials used and the price will not necessarily reflect the quality of the steering wheel cover.

Not all steering wheel covers will fit your wheel, so you need to determine the size of your wheel. This includes obtaining the diameter and the circumference. Alternatively, you could just get the make and model of the vehicle for a faster reference, a great start to your shopping experience.

Explore the materials ” Covers are made out of a wide variety of fabrics, plastic and leather. It is possible to find covers in cloth, sheepskin, vinyl, leather, suede and even wool. Each does have its advantages. Cloth covers, for example, are rather inexpensive and they tend to keep a steering wheel cooler. Leather covers look spectacular, but they can get hot on really sunny days. Suede can improve steering wheel grip if this is an issue. Expect to pay more for high quality materials like leather.

Pick the color ” Steering wheel grips are available in just about every color under the sun. Many people choose to go with very neutral colors like brown, tan, beige or black. Still, it is more than possible to find an exact match for a vehicles interior. Do keep in mind that color can have an impact on heat absorption or reflection. If a hot steering wheel is motivating the purchase of a cover, black might not be the best choice.

Remember that a smooth gripped wheel is going to be harder to hold onto, especially in the winter. That is where a steering wheel cover with a good grip can come in handy. Try to get your hands on one that has a cushion and a decent texture, and you will find that your fatigue is reduced and that travel on the road will become a lot easier.

Steering wheel covers can be found in a number of outlets. When it is time to buy, these accessories can generally be located in online auto boutiques, through dealerships, from upholstery shops and other similar outlets.

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