The Tacocopter is probably a hoax, but the Food Delivery War marches on with the Burrito Bomber. Here is how it works:

1. You connect to the Burrito Bomber web-app (built in Flask) and order a burrito. Your smartphone sends your current location to our server, which generates a waypoint file compatible with the drone’s autopilot.
2. We upload the waypoint file to the drone and load your burrito in to our custom made Burrito Delivery Tube.

3. The drone flies to your location and releases the Burrito Delivery Tube. The burrito parachutes down to you, the drone flies itself home, and you enjoy your carne asada.

We built Burrito Bomber using a handful of open source projects and some new bits we created ourselves. All the code and 3D models we created for Burrito Bomber are on our GitHub page so you can build one too!

Burrito Bomber Mexican Cuisine from Air - 01