by Linda Jenkins

The Britax Frontier Booster seat is one of the most sought after booster seats among parents. This booster seat is jam packed with as many safety and comfort features as possible. It is also user friendly! Parents have ease when installing the Frontier Booster seat because it has a color coded vehicle belt guide. This takes the confusion out of installing/reinstalling a booster seat.

The Britax Frontier Booster Seat is designed for growing children. Toddlers will safely fit in this seat once they reach the age of 2 and a weight of 25 pounds. They can continue to use this car seat until they reach 100 pounds. This booster seat is designed to be the child’s last car seat and will fit them until they no longer need a car seat of any kind.

The Britax Frontier’s popularity is built on the Britax reputation for building car seats that keep children safe and look good while doing it. Britax has earned this reputation because of a constant focus on safety features. Often times Britax safety features can be found on their car seats several years before they are required by federal standards. A few of these features would be the HUGS system, LATCH Connectors, and the Energy Absorbing Versa Tether.

Harness Ultra Guard System – Also known as “HUGS”. The HUGS system is a rubber safety device attached into the harness straps. They are made of rubber and create friction to help prevent injury if in a vehicle accident. HUGS works similar to break pads on a car, they slow do the child’s movement preventing injury.

Securing a car seat using traditional seat belts is troublesome. Done incorrectly, this approach allows any car seat to move wildly in case of an accident. The Premium LATCH Connectors secure directly to the car increasing stability and preventing side to side movement.

Energy Absorbing Versa Tether- In addition to the Premium LATCH Connectors, the Britax Frontier is equipped with an Energy Absorbing Versa Tether. This tether system secures the upper portion of the seat preventing the tipping or tilting effect seen in many car seats during an accident.

The Britax Frontier includes several smart features that make the child more comfortable without sacrificing safety. The Cushioned arm rests are a great example. These arm rests are comfortable to the child because of the padding, but they also increase safety. These arm rests provide additional security by preventing side to side movement.

Britax was one of the first companies to sell a booster seat in addition to the traditional safety seat. They choose to add this type of safety seat, to make sure toddlers were kept as safe as younger children. Ever since, Britax has continued to be one of the most popular booster seats on the market.

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