Over the last few years, it has become clear that electric motorcycles will slowly but surely become “mainstream”.

Today, a large number of companies, both new and big names in the industry, work on electric two-wheelers.

bmw x electric motorcycle concept

electric motorcycle concept

For most of these machines, which are currently being worked on – because there are more of them in the development process than on the road – autonomy is no longer a problem. The number of charging stations, at least in the western countries, has increased over the last few years, and the batteries are getting bigger and bigger.

But what to do with electric models, whose purpose is to lead drivers where there is no charging station? At the moment, at least as far as we know, no one is working on a motorcycle that would stand out to such an extent with its autonomy.

Iago Valiño

Iago Valiño

The electric motorcycle you see here, unfortunately, has not yet moved away from rendering, but it shows how the electric adventure models could deal with the issue of autonomy.

The work of designer Jago Valin and initially conceived as a BMW X Electric Motorcycle Concept, it takes design elements from the custom creations of the Spanish workshop El Solitario MC and creates a packer that we have definitely never had a chance to see before.

Special attention is drawn to the side trailers, in which there is no space for the passenger, but whose purpose is to carry the load, but also additional batteries that would enable greater autonomy in open conditions.

BMW X Electric Motorcycle Concept is certainly an innovative solution, but we still won’t see what it would look like on a real two-wheeler.

Iago Valiño