Automobile Magazine has published a report on the successor to the current flagship of BMW’s sports offering, na
mely the successor to the i8, which lists some very interesting insider insights.

According to, the aforementioned source primarily refers to the recently introduced concept model Vision M, which it claims will serve as a road map to guide the development of this car. More specifically, the Vision M will affect the serial model visually and technically.

BMW i12 Hybrid

Further, it is claimed that the novelty will retain the hybrid powertrain, but it will be thoroughly refined and strengthened. That way, the i8’s successor would enter a completely different, higher segment when it comes to its performance.

More specifically, it should be powered by a combination of a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol and electric motor. Buyers will reportedly be offered several versions, and the basic one should develop a power of about 350 hp, and the second of about 200 hp. The top version should come in at around 680 hp.

BMW i12 Hybrid

In addition, there is a 135 kWh battery that will power the electric motor. Due to its high capacity, the car should be able to travel relatively long distances using only the electric part of the drive.

Finally, let’s add that this novelty may be labeled BMW i12 Hybrid.