The world’s largest solar-powered boat has been unveiled and will set sail from Germany in a year’s time to circumnavigate the globe. Built by the Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel, Germany, the PlanetSolar sports a 500m2 array of photovoltaic solar panels, which are hoped will power the vessel at an average of 8 knots. The power received by the sun is expected to equate to around 120 kW, but the stopovers on the 40,000km and 140 day voyage have been picked for picking up “the maximum amount of sunlight”. The $27.4 million catamaran reaches a top speed of 15 knots or 27 kilometers per hour, and has a seating capacity of 50 passengers. The vessel has 100 people working on it and should set sail in April 2011.

Biggest Solar Ship PlanetSolar 01

Biggest Solar Ship PlanetSolar 02


Biggest Solar Ship PlanetSolar 03

Biggest Solar Ship PlanetSolar 04

Source: PlanetSolar