The summer months are always a popular time to rent a vehicle as people are traveling with family in tow and want to bring a larger, more reliable vehicles. In an attempt to save wear on your car, many families choose to rent a mini-van or SUV for your family holiday, making this prime rental and much more expensive, since the vehicles are in greater demand.

Around Christmas vehicles are also more expensive to rent. Many people prefer to rent a car for your holiday travel plans, either for the reasons listed above, or because they are concerned about the reliability of their vehicles every day during the coldest months of winter. In both cases, this is another time of year when prices of rental cars have increased due to increased demand.

If you are planning a family vacation to one of the best seasons to travel during the month of September, after Labor Day, of course, Labor Day is still well-traveled but after many returned to school and while the weather remains good, Many have pledged to stay at home during the first month, or that school is back in session. This makes it a good time to travel for much less than you ever could in August.

In September, you will find that not only is renting a vehicle a lot less expensive and simpler to do, but all travel expenses are usually down at this time of year. The price of gas usually drops in September and hotels are considerably less expensive then they would have been just a few weeks prior to this. Even airfare tends to go down during September in an attempt to encourage people to travel more and help keep business afloat.

Taking a vacation in September can be the perfect way to escape for less and because most people are preparing for winter and the school usually have no more openings vacation time from work. Holidays are rarely taken during the month of September. Of course you may need to plan your trip with school children and do their work in advance, but you will find that it is worth waiting until September to make that trip to the beach or taking holidays abroad. No matter what your vacation means that you will have less in the month of September.

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