In the Heart of the New York Catskill Mountains, there is a place called Nicks Waterfall House. I have been there many times and it has become one of my favorite places of all time to ride to.

There are times when the stress of our lives and jobs can get even the best of us a little down. If you are a straight lace citizen you go to a Doctor and get some pills or maybe see a shrink. If you are a Biker you hop on your Motorcycle get the motor running and you head out to a place like Nicks Waterfall House.

It does not matter where you are or what direction you come from. The ride threw the NY Catskill Mountains is going to relax the stress away from the depths of your very soul. As you ride to Nick’s threw long winding roads up over and into the heart of some of the worlds most majestic Mountains, with the Sun shining down on you and the fresh Mountain air filling your lungs you will start to get a feeling of what one can only describe as pure joy.

As you get near Nicks Waterfall House located on Route 990v, Gilboa New York 12076, either alone or with a group of friends. You will feel as if time and space are no longer a factor in the Universe, and it only gets better from there! As you ride in the first thing many think is they have reached some old time lost resort, but have no fear Nicks is a Biker bar.

When you walk threw the front door you will no longer have any doubts you have arrived at the right place. If Nick is not there to great you himself, there is a good chance he is in his large kitchen cooking up some classic Biker grub. I recommend the first thing you do is order an Ice Cold Beer and go sit by the large windows over looking a Waterfall that looks as if it was stolen from the year–92. If there is any stress or negative emotions left in your body after the ride to the Waterfall House after only a few minutes watching the water fall down and roll over the rocks it will soon have all washed down stream.

Then it is time to meet the locals, grab another Beer and maybe some of that great food (My favorite is the Waterfall House Cheeseburgers) or maybe shoot a game of pool. The crowd at Nicks is a mix of friendly Bikers, locals and good ole boys. This is a place to exchange stories and Adventures from the road. Often the sharing of stories can go on for hours.

It is easy to have what some may call too much fun at Nicks Waterfall House but with rooms up stairs starting at only $25 a night, there is no reason to worry! Now I want to make sure that you know when I tell you there are rooms at Nicks you understand these rooms where created for road weary bikers. If you bring your old lady with you make sure she is a real biker Chick because Nicks is no Yuppie bed and breakfast! It is a real bikers, biker bar and what you get when you rent a room from Nicks is a communal living room a bed to sleep in and a shower to wash off the road dust! One other thing you get from a night at Nicks is a renewed Spirit of Adventure and a willingness to face what ever maybe up around the next bend in your life!

I have many local Bars that I think of as home and I love to go to and cut loose, but when I hear that call of the road it is often telling me it is time to go to Nick’s Waterfall House!!!

For more info or directs call 607-588-9891 and ask for Nick.

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