Bentley has shown us what the new Bacalar would look like in rainbow colors.

Bentley introduced the Bacalar model a few months ago, and although this car has not yet reached the production stage, new models and accessories are already being created that will allow customers to decorate this car as desired. That’s how the new “Rainbow” package arrived, which allows customers to paint this car in all colors of the spectrum and thus make their vehicle unique.

Like the original model, this Bentley Bacalar will have no upgrades other than rainbow color. Rounded headlights and thin LED DRLs shed light on the new grille which has become smaller compared to previous models. The front bumper is smaller, although it has larger side folds and more massive air intakes. The car sits on 22-inch wheels that give it a sporty look and make it look very attractive and modern.

The rear looks less crowded compared to the EXP 100 GT model, which served as the inspiration for the new Bacalar model. The bumper is different and includes a diffuser that leaves space for rectangular exhaust pipes.

Bentley has not revealed when production and sales of this model will begin, but we are confident that the Rainbow option will be available immediately, as soon as the first Bacalar trips out of the factory.