How to Charge Gel Cell Batteries? If incorrect battery charger or incorrect method of charging is used on these batteries poor performance and premature failure is certain. So, the correct battery charger should be selected and the proper method of charging should be followed for effective charging and reuse of these batteries. This article includes a brief description about gel cell batteries and the proper methods in which they can be charged to reuse these batteries.

A specific charger is required to charge a gel cell battery. Charging via constant voltage is considered the most effective method of charging these batteries. And this kind of charging can be performed by using any of the following methods. We need a gel cell battery for this purpose.

The first step is to place the battery in charger. Depending on the type of charger there are two types of charging. These are discussed in this article.

The battery is left to charge at this voltage till the charging current goes below a value as of about 0.01C amps. Where C is the amp hour rating of the gel cell battery. In this charging mode which is cyclic the battery charger is stopped or else it is changed to the mode of float charging.

The steps involved in fast charging or cyclic charging method are as follows; the instruction manual is read carefully before starting the work. The used battery which is to be recharged is inserted into the suitable gel cell battery charger. The charger is switched on and the battery is charged till the indicator in the voltmeter indicates 2.45v per cell provided the temperature is twenty degrees in Celsius scale or fifty eight degrees in Fahrenheit scale.

Then, the charger is turned on. The charging is continued at a constant voltage of about 2.25V per cell. This differs for the twelve-volt battery. The temperature is maintained at a twenty degree C. The battery is generally capable of regulating the current at the maintained voltage.

There are few tips while performing this task. There are also few warnings to be taken care of while doing it. One should avoid over charging and under charging which may cause damage to the battery and even to the charger. Improperly regulated chargers should not be used for this purpose as it may also cause damage to the battery and even to the charger. Charging the batteries near spark or flame can also be avoided so as to have a proper charging. Avoid fast charging always because it will lead to over heat and also cause damage to the battery and even to the charger.

It is also advisable to not use the charger in the automobile since there is no proper voltage regulation. The charging should be away from flames and also overheating may happen if it is continuously charged in the cyclic mode. Therefore it is important to follow these directions on how to charge gel cell batteries and also take a note of the warnings that are mentioned in the above.

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