Are you still reliving the day that you and your best friend decided to don your backpacks for a full 3 month travel of Europe during the summer after college graduation? Preparing yourself for any mishaps or uncontrolled phenomenon, and planning for months in advance; your mothers probably thought you were out of your minds at the time, but still it seemed alright. Before even setting out on your adventure you felt a big achievement had already been made, and more excitement arose as you made the preparations.

Backpacking requires months of planning in advance; airport tickets, Euro-rail transports, which countries, cities, hostels, money appropriations, and packing all have to be considered and planned. A company or broker must be chosen. Pick up and delivery stops will need to be researched, figure the right transportation; which direction you will go, how much you are going to pay, which direction you will go, and the comfort of your vehicle’s lodging. Perhaps clothing can be included. Your car will need to be undressed of any electronic devices and outside gear; spoilers or any other specific ornaments. Here are some tips and warnings for a safe auto shipping adventure.


Be forthright with your carrier. An over filled gas tank or any extra “things” in your car can impede the delivery process, and cost the driver additional money during checks.

Do not pay anything upfront. Big no-no! Also stay clear of lower priced companies, their inexperience or cheap rates could be due to less experience in auto travel, thus causing possible damages to your vehicle. Make sure of this because a lot of the times the companies or brokers will go for the highest bidder and leave you and your vehicle out in the dust!

Be sure to do extensive research on your broker or company of choice. Make certain they are insured, licensed, bonded, and registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Document and photograph your vehicle. At pick up and delivery your company should do the same.

Most importantly, before signing read the full contract. Be conscious of small print and hidden fees.


1) Although this industry may sound convenient and secure, it can be very unstable and there are no guarantees. Many dilemmas can occur such as weather, mechanical issues, road blocks, and more.

2) When reserving your spot with an auto shipping carrier due not reserve with two different companies. If this occurs most drivers will pass on your vehicle and then you will have to do the whole process again.

3) A credit card reservation is normal but make sure they do not charge anything unless your vehicle is assigned to a driver.

In any regard, you must be alert and educated. Just like traveling cross country or internationally with a backpack and high hopes, if you are not prepared you will be in more than big trouble. You can get lost, have your things stolen form you in a blink of eye and, in worst regards, hurt or killed. This can all happen to your vehicle, so use these tips and warnings as an aid, and plan away.

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