The Italians want to combine in one car the luxury typical of Maybach and Rolls-Royce and the characteristics of classic SUVs. Its name is Aznom Palladium, and in short, it is “unconventional luxury for all terrains”.

Aznom Palladium Sedan

In translation, the Palladium is structurally located halfway between the luxury sedan and the SUV, combining the sedan body with the generous distance of the vehicle floor from the ground.

The joint project of Aznom Automotive and Camal Studio brings luxury in a completely new package.

Aznom Palladium Sedan

A vehicle of as much as 6 meters, with a front part that is reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce, will certainly be a striking phenomenon on the asphalt, but also outside it.

A twin-turbo, most likely a V8, is planned for the power unit, and the maximum power will be 680 hp.

Instead of details about the drive, only the data “2WD + 4WD” was announced, which should mean that all-wheel drive will be available as needed and depending on the terrain.

Since only design drawings have been published so far, we will have to be patient until September, when the premiere of Aznom Palladium is announced.

Aznom Palladium Sedan