So you’ve decided it is time to find a new place to live. Maybe your neighbors are getting on your nerves or your lease is up, maybe you got lucky and found a house to buy, now you have to think about moving day. In the past you’ve done it yourself but now there is more to move and you need a moving company. But just how do you go about choosing from all the New York movers?

There are some things you do need to keep in mind, not all movers are honest. There are some horror stories out there on companies that take advantage of you, lie, steal, don’t keep their promises, are late or just don’t show up. You need to protect yourself by taking the time to check out potential businesses.

Have you considered calling up some real estate offices to see who they use? Most of them have a list of movers that they call upon often and they’ll be able to share with you their experiences and recommend who they think is best. Go ahead and take the names of who they recommend so that you can check them out for yourself. But you want to check out a few others too, to compare.

With your list of recommendations in hand go ahead and check out some ads on the internet and in your yellow pages. Call up a few that catch your eye and ask the important questions, how long have they been in business, can they provide recommendations from clients, what kind of services they provide, are just a few to remember. You want a company that has been around for years to show establishment. You want recommendations from clients for personal experience. And you want to know the services they provide so you can know if they are right for you.

Having at least three estimates in hand before making a choice is something that works to your advantage. Make sure they are in-home estimates too. You want someone to come do an in-home inspection so they can see everything that is going to need to be moved and can give you an accurate fixed price. If you have a company that refuses to send someone or do in-home estimates, find someone else. Companies that don’t give fixed quotes in writing need to be avoided also.

You have at least three estimates in your hand at this point; take a look at those numbers. Is one significantly lower than the others? If yes, then that can be a warning sign that there will be hidden or extra costs added onto those estimates after the job is done. You want all the cost upfront and in writing so you don’t have to pay out more than you want.

Avoid adding yourself to the list of bad experiences with New York movers by doing your home work and checking out several companies first. It will be hard enough going through with a move and all that comes with it without having to deal with a nightmare company that doesn’t show up, so do your homework and be prepared before you hire.

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