I had found out that it is really an important thing for the tires to be checked occasionally even if it seems there is nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, it was a good year tire staff that explained every little thing about it to me. He stated that I should have let my tire pressure be checked with the right amount of pressure for once a week or once every two weeks. And it is usual to have 30 for all the sides of the normal car.

Also, I have to say that the best ones are the grip from good year tires that I have ever experienced most especially during the wet conditions. It is kind of expensive but I think that it is really important to have that and I must say that it is very worth it because I feel secured when I accelerate. As a matter of fact, it gripped the road perfectly when I ran 70 and had to hit for a break. You have to really consider this for security purposes.

One good thing about it is it actually outperformed any other tires I have used before by at least twice the time and that made a $200 price per tire and it is more than a worth of paying. It is really cool because at first I can buy tires that are half the price but suddenly I have to change it twice more than the good year tire. Surely it is an automatic offset.

I can also hold for the pressure for a long time and that what motorists do actually out there and it is a good practice to have the tire pressure be checked for at least once a week. It was a good one year actually before I got my pressure done and I really had a good year tire to check it. I am a very heavy driver and I like to drive fast and go different places and I must say that it is really good in terms of the performance. So, have your tires be checked too!

The not so good thing that I can mention or say about it is the noise it makes every time I have to hit the break so hard. But I really do think that the advantages of it had really outweighed the disadvantage it has. Indeed, it is very important for you to be vigilant with these issues. Follow these instructions carefully for your safety too.

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