The state laws of every state in the USA require that you carry Car Liability Insurance on your vehicle. This coverage pays for damage that you cause to persons or property in an automobile accident when you are at fault. The laws regarding this insurance are determined by the individual states. This means that the requirement varies by state. In some states you will find that the state minimums are lower than in other states.

In addition to being required by your state’s laws, liability insurance also protects other properties that you may own. When damage is done or injuries are caused in an accident, if your insurance coverage is found lacking, you can be held personally responsible and your personal property can have liens placed against it. These liens can prevent your from getting a loan or must be satisfied before the property can be sold.

When you purchase liability insurance it the policy is often referred to in three numbers, such as 10/20/10. These numbers would indicate that the policy offers ten thousand dollars in personal injury protection for each person that is involved in the accident with a cap of twenty thousand dollars per accident. Additionally, the coverage would pay up to ten thousand dollars in property damage. While these limits seem low, there are states that actually have lower limits.

Since most state limits are too low, it is a good idea to carry more insurance than is required by the state laws. Your insurance agent can give you a good idea of the amount of insurance that is needed to protect your assets.

Your state DMV will be able to tell you the minimum amount of liability insurance that is required for your vehicle. In addition, they can tell you about penalties for allowing insurance to lapse. In an effort to cut down on the number of uninsured motorists, many states have enacted laws that require the insurance company to notify the DMV if your policy lapses for even one day. While the effort to cut back on uninsured motorists is appreciated, you can get into a sticky situation if you forget to pay your policy premium.

States are finally penalizing persons with more than a slap on the hand for driving without a license. Many states will cancel your registration for the lapse in insurance until you can prove that you have insurance and pay an administrative fee. With subsequent incidents the penalties become larger. Some states will impound your vehicle for six months and charge you for storage.

If you do not have liability insurance, you can get quotes using your home computer and the internet. Compare those quotes in order to find the best prices and coverage for your vehicle. There may be several hundred dollars per year difference in the same coverage from different companies.

If you want to keep the cost of your liability insurance low, learn to drive defensively. This can save you money in a couple of ways. If you drive defensively, you are less likely to get a traffic ticket. In addition, you will avoid accidents. In addition to saving money you may save your own life or the life of family members.

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