Simply put, auto insurance companies look at credit scores to help them assess a customers risk. In addition to the credit score, an insurance company looks at a customers insurance score, a number derived in part from the credit score. Some insurers offer no-credit-score car insurance, but these are fewer in number. Why auto insurers look at credit scores has the same answer as why banks look at credit scores before setting up a bank account: its complicated. Insurers believe there is a relationship between a drivers credit score and the amount of insurance claims they are likely to make. Auto insurance rates are thus affected.

The database does not include any information about credit reports, criminal records or civil judgments, nor does it utilize any kind of legal record. The information is kept in the database for up to 5 years. So any claims filed for 5 years will be listed in the database. The companies that utilize the reports are the ones who submit the data about losses to the CLUE database. Car Insurance $39 per month at Car Insurance Miami

Have your documents readily available, including accident reports and medical statements. They will question you regarding your need for medical attention, past injuries, doctors opinions, etc., all with an eye to settling quickly and cheaply. Do not bother arguing; just have the facts in front of you. In addition to settlement for medical bills, there is the issue of pain and suffering. Again, an adjuster will always seek to question the nature of your injuries, hoping for the lowest possible settlement.

Make sure your medical reports detail the exact nature of your injuries including pain and suffering. Make arrangements to hire a lawyer. If an adjuster is still offering an unfair sum, tell them you have no choice but to hire a lawyer who is well versed in these settlements. This may make the adjuster rethink the sum, but if not, there is always arbitration. Car insurance just $39 per month at Car Insurance Miami

When dealing with auto insurance agents, have your facts plainly and exactly detailed, consider a lawyer, but most importantly, stand firm, do not panic and do not take the first settlement they offer because it will be lower than what is fair. After all, you pay for this service for just this type of eventuality.

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